Dimension Pro

Dimension Pro 18.0

Anyone involved in creating music in styles ranging from Pop to Electronica

The synthesizer software Dimension Pro offers an abundance of sounds that range from pristine realistic acoustic instruments, to complex, evolving atmospheres. Advanced sample mapping and the physical modeling of components helps it in this achievement.

The sound library DVD that ships with Dimension Pro contains multi samples and grooves to help you with your creation. The GUI is impressive with its appearance and also easy to use. The icons for saving loading etc. are given on the top portion of the interface. Each element's settings are clearly displayed: key range, vel range, transpose, etc. You can either click to move forward, or right-click to move backward; or click on the 'drop-down arrow' for the pop-up showing all possible settings for your selection of the settings. You can get the values of the knob setting as you turn the knobs, as the value comes up each time try to turn the knob. Now let me turn to the features of this software. The presets are very good options for any kind of project. There are around1500 production ready presets are available which will help you to access the perfect sound for your project. It also has sample-playback and advanced synthesis technologies that are capable of covering every aspect of contemporary music. Dimension Pro’s good editing and sound generation capabilities give some good opportunities for the creative people. Sound designers will love the hands-on control Dimension Pro offers, making it the perfect instrument for any kind of media.

A synthesizer that uses a rich library of samples as its raw materials, thus it becomes easy-to-use and provides plenty of ways, to morph a simple sample over time into something unrecognizable.

Luis Sanchez
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  • The sound library and the good editing and sound generation capability are plus points for this software


  • Vocal/choir, brass, organs and e-pianos are lacking in quality
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